Samsung Electronics Australia has launched a new range of washing machines and dryers with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Wi-Fi connectivity for a smart, personalised and energy efficient laundry experience.

AI learns and remembers user behaviour to recommend wash cycles on the display of the Samsung washing machine to avoid inputting individual settings. The AI Wash feature uses sensor technology to detect the amount of laundry and level of soiling to determine the optimal amount of water and detergent from the Smart Auto Dispenser.

All appliances in the new laundry range are SmartThings compatible for users to control laundry settings from their smartphone and use features such as Laundry Planner and Laundry Recipe to customise routines. Users can start, stop and set the optimum wash cycle via the SmartThings app.

With QuickDrive technology, washing time is reduced by up to 50% and energy use by up to 20% without compromising on performance. This is coupled with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor designed for energy efficiency.

Steam and hygiene cycles across the washing machines and dryers attack germs and can reduce up to 99.9% of certain common bacteria. Further, BubbleWash generates foam by pre-mixing detergent with air and water from the beginning of the cycle to soak clothes in bubbles before the wash and help ensure a thorough clean.

The AddWash door means users can add forgotten clothing or fabric softener after any wash cycle has started.

The new dryers feature 9-star energy ratings with Heat Pump technology – Samsung’s most efficient yet. The OptimalDry system is an intelligent drying system which uses moisture sensors to monitor humidity levels and adjust drying time. The 35-minute Quick Dry cycle gets small loads dry quickly, the Super Speed Cycle can dry 3kg in 81 minutes and Silent Dry offers integrated noise reduction system for the evenings.

Samsung Australia head of home appliances, Andrew Wand said, “We want to make life simpler for Australians and our new range delivers modern AI technology that improves the laundry experience. We are spending more time at home and our awareness of hygiene and cleanliness has increased and extended to clothes, towels, and bedding.

“We are proud to be launching more intelligent and intuitive devices that get the laundry done faster with remote connectivity and personalised settings via machine learning.”

The Samsung Washing Machine Dryer Simple UX range includes three 8.5kg smart AI front load washing machines with RRPs starting from $799 and two smart AI heat pump dryers with pricing from $1,499.