Samsung Electronics Australia has released new research revealing Australians’ relationships with their TVs, which play a significant role in stress relief and even evoke ‘TV envy’.  

The research commissioned by PureProfile also found that in the sunny Australian climate, three in five consumers (60%) admitted to rearranging furniture to avoid glare while watching TV. In addition, close to half (46%) of Australians can’t go a day without watching TV, while 55% are relying on their TVs to decompress and ‘wind down’.

Samsung Electronics Australia director of audio visual, Simon Howe said, “The TV is a central feature of the home that plays a significant role in daily life, however, our research reveals the glare of the sun’s rays is an inconvenience experienced by more than half of the nation.

“Advancements in TV technology — like our world-first glare free certified OLED anti-glare technology — are making the viewing experience better for consumers, with Samsung committing to delivering innovative products that offer Australians a screen that truly suits their needs and living spaces.”

Over one-third (37%) agree there is a ‘prime seat’ in the lounge that avoids TV glare. In fact, two in five (40%) of Australians surveyed believe that they are at most risk of glare in comparison to other countries, and the same number (40%) will even wait until the evening to watch their favourite show to avoid the risk of sunlight-glare.

The recently released Samsung S95D OLED 4K Smart TV was built for Australian conditions. The new OLED Anti-Glare technology helps preserve colour accuracy and reduces reflections while maintaining image sharpness.

Almost half (46%) of the nation is suffering from ‘TV envy’ after comparing the size and quality of their own TV with that of friends and family. 

Over one-third (35%) of Australians wish they had gone bigger when making their TV purchase. This is especially important when it comes to sports. Samsung’s 2023 research revealed that Australians were opting to tune in from home to watch sports on their own screens, with 42% now owning a screen over 60-inch, and 11% over 75-inch.

The report also revealed that the use of the TV has evolved from simply viewing shows and movies with over half (55%) using their TV to de-stress after work. While 57% of those asked said that the TV is for streaming shows, almost one-quarter (24%) use the TV to listen to music.