Samsung’s partnership with National Science and Technology Centre, Questacon, is set to inspire, motivate and support the next generation of Australian investors, technologists and entrepreneurs. The three-year partnership will see Samsung technology provide science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-themed learning opportunities via the Questacon Smart Skills in-school programme and Questacon Smart Skills Teacher Workshops.

Samsung Questacon

Questacon director of science and learning, Stuart Kohlhagen, said, “Most people only use a fraction of the capability of the technology they are holding in their hands because they simply do not realise the power of these everyday tools. This programme will open doors to new learning and experiences.”

“The Questacon Smart Skills programme will show young students how to unlock the potential of their smartphones or tablets to design, prototype, control and test model cars, rockets and bridges in our workshops.

Samsung Australia vice president and chief marketing officer, Philip Newtown said such programmes have the potential to inspire life-long interest in technology, and importantly, encourage young people to consider pursuing a career in that area.

“At Samsung, we believe that all young Australians should have access to diverse, quality learning experiences and that we can help enable this through our technology,” Newton commented.

“Our CSR programs in Australia work to complement traditional classroom activities, helping to provide strong foundations in areas like STEM and foster new skills and learning opportunities for young Australians.”

Questacon director of science and learning, Stuart Kohlhagen says while involving students in the workshops was important, workshops showing teachers how to incorporate technology into their teaching using the Smart Skills programme concepts was even more important.

“Teachers can multiply the benefits of the learning opportunities because they will be able to take the concepts away to run their own programmes encouraging their current and future students to explore the properties of materials and technologies, and to apply this knowledge in new ways.

“Smart Skills has been developed with the Government’s agenda to boost the study of STEM in mind. It’s about building on the foundation skills to get students solving problems and thinking creatively to develop and refine their ideas,” he said.