Samsung Electronics Australia is extending its AirDresser laundry appliance line-up with the addition of the Bespoke AirDresser in a new charcoal colour.

The AirDresser is designed to care for clothing utilising air and steam to remove up to 99% of germs, allergens and dust, while refreshing and sanitising clothes between washes.

“The Bespoke AirDresser transforms how we care for our clothes, designed with busy Australians in mind, in one simple step you can steam or sanitise your clothes to give them that ‘fresh from the dry cleaner’ feel all from the convenience of your own home. It is especially helpful for clothing items that usually require extra attention like silks, business suits and other delicates,” Samsung Electronics Australia director of home appliances, Andrew Wand said.

“AirDresser is the next generation appliance for your wardrobe and revolutionises the way we think about our laundry. The new Bespoke offering in charcoal offers a clean modern aesthetic to add an extra level of sophistication and easy addition into your home.”

Originally released in a classic white, the new charcoal option lends to a modern, minimalist look, accompanied by an intuitive interface on the front panel with simplified buttons that make it easier to select settings and options by improving visibility and accessibility.

Bespoke AirDresser’s Sanitise function uses powerful JetSteam to steam and refresh garments. Infusing high temperature heat deep into the fabric, the JetSteam system reduces up to 99.9% of certain bacteria and helps remove house dust mites and certain odour-causing gases to refresh linens, bedding, baby clothes and soft toys.

Bespoke AirDresser also uses a Deodorising Filter that helps remove up to 99% of certain odour-causing gases including those from sweat, tobacco and food. Made of ceramic, which works effectively even in humid and damp conditions, the filter breaks down odour-causing particles to help prevent unpleasant smells.

By leaving the door open, the Dehumidification function is able to draw in air from the room and extract moisture from it, expelling dry air to help protect clothes from mould.

Adding to the convenience, Wrinkle Care saves time and effort of ironing clothing. Using JetAir and JetSteam, it can remove up to 100% of wrinkles from woollen clothes and up to 80% of wrinkles from rayon material.

Samsung’s Bespoke AirDresser is available for RRP $2,899 from and leading retailers.