IFA 2019 - Samsung Pressekonferenz - Nathan Sheffield, European Product Director, Samsung Electronics IFA 2019 - Samsung Press Conference - Nathan Sheffield, European Product Director, Samsung Electronics

But no word on Australia.

Samsung has confirmed at IFA that the rollout of its eagerly awaited Galaxy Fold is finally underway.

Samsung Europe product manager, Nicole Ng revealed at the CE giant’s press conference that the revolutionary handset is now on sale in Korea, as of Thursday. Launches in France, Germany, the UK and Singapore begin on September 18, with the US to follow. There are no details of a planned Australian launch at this time.

Ng told delegates that the Fold, with its unique ability to expand to near tablet-like dimensions, would be available in a 5G-ready version.

Samsung Electronics European product director, Nathan Sheffield (pictured) outlined the firm’s latest QLED TV offering. He said the TVs, with their cutting-edge connectivity and picture quality, were proving a hit with consumers, with two million sold in the first half of this year alone. “That’s 11,000 every day,” he said. And he announced content tie-ups with Rakuten TV and Apple TV, Samsung becoming “the first TV manufacturer to integrate the new Apple TV app on a smart TV platform, providing even more content choices”.

Samsung vice-president, head of home appliances, Europe, Dan Harvie, said the firm was joining forces with P&G in Europe to research and develop next-generation laundry techniques.

And he unveiled BeSpoke, a modular refrigerator system whose units can be added or subtracted according to a household’s changing needs. There were innovations in the bedroom too, with the launch of the Samsung AirDresser, a wardrobe-shaped unit which allows users to hang their clothes and have them cleaned, sanitised, freshened and de-wrinkled in a matter of hours by jets of air and steam.