In his presentation, Bing Lee and Signature Appliances merchandise and marketing director, Sam Zalin reflected on the journey to the evening’s launch event, and the key elements that were integral to the showroom.

“As Pete said, we have had a few false starts along the way – I have been waiting for this night for over three years, but they do say that anything worthwhile in life isn’t easy and we believe that this project has been worth waiting for, and we hope you do too,” Zalin told attendees.

“On this journey with the Signature Appliances brand, there have been a number of elements that we said we would never compromise on – in what we executed here at Willoughby – and what we will go forward and execute on in the future.

“I would like to share a few of these elements. We wanted to create an appliance shopping experience that inspired customers while feeling inviting, comfortable and never intimidating – that was crucial. We wanted old fashioned and exceptional customer service and a team that were absolute experts in all of their respective fields. We wanted to build a team culture that we could replicate across New South Wales.

“A huge thank you to our brand partners – you supported, trusted and believed in our vision from the beginning, and you have all invested in exceptional and unique displays. They stand in their own right in this store but also work in perfectly with what Sophie designed with aesthetics that make it feel like one showroom.

“We have had more account managers and representatives in this store than I have ever seen to make sure that we launched on time. Your teams were committed and believed in what we were doing. From the bottom of our heart we say thank you for that – it was incredible.

“We opened this showroom – keys to launch – in three months which in this segment of the market is very difficult. I would like to thank Anita Savoldi who we brought into this business nearly three years ago to help open our new specialist appliance business. She was employee number one for Signature Appliances and we finally made good on our promise in November. She is now running Bing Lee marketing as well, so thank you Anita for your hard work.

“To the buying team – Ben, Gary, Claudine and Aryanny – for your hard work also – the right products, the right orders and the right range for our customers in this store. I know everyone has called it out but it would be remiss if I did not call out Leo Lis – this man gave everything he had for this showroom and he is ready to start work on the next one.

“To Alexis and the Signature sales team, as well as the Drummoyne team – it has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you for the last nine months to execute this showroom. You have all pulled together, delighted every customer and embodied the values of both Bing Lee and Signature Appliances and we are truly delighted to have you as part of the business – thank you very much.”