Set to make debut at IFA.

Safera has become a leader in cooking fire prevention with an advanced stove guard designed to stop cooking hazards. In Finland, where Safera was founded in 2007, cooking is the cause of one in two home fires with people forgetting to turn off the stove or leaving it unattended for too long.

Safera has now unveiled an industry-first smart cooking sensor – Safera Sense – due to be released in Europe and the US later this year with compatibility with major smart home ecosystems.

“With our new smart cooking sensor, Safera Sense, we are looking forward to making homes safer, smarter and fresher. In addition to safer kitchens, our customers asked for monitoring of air quality and Smart Cooking assistance,” Safera key account director, Peter Holms told Appliance Retailer.

Quick and easy to install on the wall above the cooktop and under the rangehood, Safera Sense has over 10 inbuilt sensors that analyse data to deliver on three key aspects.

Firstly, Smart Cooking. The device recognises various cooking events such as boiling water or heating oil in a pan, and sets up automatic timers. With the free Safera app, users can see cooking activity and create automated cooking routines.

Secondly, Cooking Safety. When a Power Control Unit (PCU) is used, the power supply will shut off if temperatures reach an alarming high. The PCU is installed between the stove and the power source.

Thirdly, Air Quality. The device provides live diagnostics of house temperature, humidity and air quality for consumers to know when to ventilate the home.

Safera will make its debut at this year’s IFA in Berlin, showcasing its propriety sensor technology including the new Safera Sense with live demonstrations, and will be actively looking for business partners in the retail and manufacturing space in Australia and New Zealand.