By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Bosch has announced a raft of new product releases in the refrigeration category, including a range of side-by-side models and its first ever French Door fridge.

The new models employ a range of refrigeration technologies including no-frost cooling which “eliminates build-up of ice on food and within the freezer interior” as well as an anti-bacterial coating that helps to reduce bacteria growth.

“Perfect storage conditions keep food fresh for longer through MultiAirflow which guarantees uniform distribution of cold air currents,” said a Bosch spokesperson.

“Conditions are further optimised through SuperCooling and SuperFreezing, which rapidly reduce the temperature of the fridge or freezer compartment to ensure that new food is cooled or frozen as soon as possible, with minimal affect on existing contents.”

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The Side-by-Side refrigerators are available in three finishes – classic white, stainless steel and anti-fingerprint platinum – each finished with stainless steel handles. The stainless steel model and one of the platinum models also feature in-built water and ice dispensers.

The French Door model also features a water and ice dispenser and an LCD screen on the front of the door. The two doors open to a single refrigeration space with height-adjustable door bins and shelves as well as telescopic rails for accessing fridge contents. The single freezer drawer at the base also features two storage compartments.

Bosch has included a range of energy-saving features on its new refrigerator models including sensors which detect food contents and adjust energy output accordingly, frost-free cooling, independent cooling controls and circuits for the fridge and freezer, and an inverter compressor that runs at variable speeds.

The new range is set to launch in September.

Models and pricing provided by Bosch:
-KFN91PJ10A (French Door): RRP $3,399.
-KAD62V70AU (stainless steel, water & ice): RRP $2,499.
-KAN62V40AU (platinum): RRP $1,999.
-KAN62V00AU (white) : RRP $1,899.

 UPDATE – 1 September 2011: This story originally reported the release of the KAD62V40AU side-by-side refrigerator. Bosch has since informed that this model will not be sold in Australia.

Bosch's first ever French door refrigerator.