By Keri Algar:

SYDNEY, NSW: The outdoor HD video camera makers, Contour, have released a ConnectView card and Viewfinder App to enable an iPhone, or iPod touch to act as a live viewfinder for (hands on) hands free operation of the ContourGPS. 

The new system will allow camera users who have the camera attached to a head helmet for example, control over footage via their Apple mobile device. Consumers using mobiles with Android operating systems will be able to download an app around the end of next month, Contour Australia’s national sales manager Craig Soper told

“This changes the game in hands-free video,” Soper said. “With this solution, we've overcome the limitation of a video camera lacking a wireless screen. Now when your camera is mounted to your helmet, handlebars, windscreen or roll-bar, you can actually look at a screen to line up your shot and change your settings in real time.

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“Hands-free video just got a lot more hands-free without the bulk of adding a screen to the camera itself.”

The ConnectView card is inserted into the ContourGPS camera and connects it with iPhone (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G) or iPod touch (third and fourth generation) over Bluetooth. Once the connection is established, the Viewfinder App enables the iPhone or iPod touch to act as a live viewfinder.

The Contour ConnectView card (VHR4000) is RRP $49 and the Viewfinder App from the App Store is free.