The November issue of Appliance Retailer magazine includes the annual Editor's Picks for Best Appliances of 2012. will be featuring the products selected as the best of the best over the coming days – to find out the full list, pick up a copy of Appliance Retailer's November issue.

Dyson Hot + Cool AM04 (RRP $549)

An engineering feat, Dyson’s first heater introduced an element into its wildly successful bladeless fan Air Multipliers. At RRP $549, the AM04 was an innovative, saleable entrant into a table heater market that had become strained by price erosion and a run to the low end.

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Breville Squeezy Freezy BSM300 (RRP $89)

This novelty appliance release was interest as Breville’s purposeful move to the upper reaches of the smalls market had essentially priced it out of this type of product. In order to suit Breville’s new positioning, this ice crusher is being marketed directly to adults, with Breville happy to suggest using alcohol, as well as soft drinks and cordial, to make a frost treat.

ASKO Alfresco Dishwasher D5954 (RRP $2,999)

A truly unique addition to the appliance scene this year was ASKO’s specially designed outdoor dishwasher. The biggest obstacle to external appliances is protecting the machine from rodent and insect incursions – ASKO has solved this dilemma and now consumers can wash up from a barbecue without having to miss out on the conversation.

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