By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Sony is currently investigating what remuneration options are available for PlayStation Network users currently disabled from its network due to the serious security breach which occurred sometime between 17-19 April 2011.

Whilst some users are concerned about their personal details, including credit card particulars, being compromised, many users care more about not being able to play games, especially those that incur subscription fees.

One such gamer is Gary, who contacted on Wednesday afternoon to vent his frustration at disconnection from the Network.

“What about those of us who have paid memberships to things which are ticking away while this fix is happening?” asked Gary.  “I play DC Universe Online, and it has a $20 per month membership fee, and I haven’t been able to play for over a week?”

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We forwarded Gary’s question to Sony Computer Entertainment (Australia), receiving the following statement in response:

"While we are still assessing the impact of this incident, we recognise that this may have had financial impact on our loyal customers. We are currently reviewing options and will update you when the service is restored," said the spokesperson. will keep readers updated with any further details.