By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: A tough camera that will appeal to a broader range of consumers: that’s the message from Ricoh, which has released its new PX range of digital compact cameras.

The PX is a 16-megapixel camera with a 5x optical zoom that is waterproof to 3 metres, shockproof for falls up to 1.5 metres and dust, dirt and sand resistant.

Ricoh Asia Pacific sales and marketing manager Martin Shock said Ricoh anticipates the PX series appealing to more consumers than Ricoh’s high end compact and system cameras. The PX series, which is RRP $299, also has a range of interchangeable protective covers so users can customise their camera in yellow, blue, pink, brown on white styles.

“With the PX, we wanted to design a camera that truly supports what we call ‘candid photo culture’; that is, a camera that allows consumers to enjoy photography more easily, more naturally and more spontaneously,” Shock said.

“There is huge demand for cameras that go anywhere, with anyone and still achieve great results, particularly among outdoor-loving Australians. That’s why we set about developing a compact, lightweight yet highly durable camera that features all the latest imaging technologies, some fun creative shooting modes and is easy to use.”

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Ricoh promises a switch-on time of 1.4 seconds for this camera, which over 20 shooting modes and a 2.7-inch scratch-resistant LCD screen.

The new Ricoh PX range.