By Adam Coleman

SYDNEY: Lenoxx Electronics has become Retravision’s latest preferred national supplier, expanding the supplier’s distribution to the entire country for the first time.

The deal will give Lennox not only wider distribution but greater brand exposure through Retravision’s national catalogue, which is published up to five times a year. In return, Lenoxx will provide Retravision Australia with better buying prices and special deals, as well as agreeing to a single set of trading terms rather than negotiating on a state by state basis.

Lenoxx managing director, George Marcus, says the deal is a significant step forward for the brand and rewards years of strong support.

“It has taken a long time to get here. We’ve been slowly creeping up one state at a time for about three years, and finally we’ve gone national now,” he said.

Marcus says digital audio players and portable hi-fi products have been key drivers in the company’s growth over the last few years. Lenoxx joins around 60 other suppliers as a preferred national supplier, and Retravision CEO, Keith Perkin, has welcomed the new national agreement as an opportunity to grow the relationship between the two companies.

“Lenoxx in particular has a range of unique products that we have been buying on a state by state basis and we want to buy on a national basis going forward,” he said. Lenoxx will continue trading with all its other existing retailers including Harvey Norman and the Good Guys.