In line with global conversations regarding privacy of personal data, Australians have shown an increase in demand for security features, according to Ring managing director for Asia Pacific, Mark Fletcher.

“Privacy and security are foundational to how we design and deliver every device, feature and experience. Our products and services have been developed to empower users to feel safe and in control over their personal information and data,” he told Appliance Retailer.

The Ring Protect Plan provides secure cloud storage for all videos captured on Ring products and are permanently deleted after the chosen storage period or can be deleted at any time.

“We take the security of our customers extremely seriously—that’s why we made two-step verification mandatory, conduct regular scans for Ring passwords compromised in non-Ring breaches, and continually invest in new security protections to harden our systems,” Fletcher said.

For example, the new Ring Indoor Camera (Gen 2) features a simple, privacy cover, allowing users to block the camera’s view with ease. Other products also have customisable privacy settings.

“Package alerts are another feature our consumers are engaging with, alerting users when a package has been left in a designated area to help fight porch pirates and more. This is an especially useful feature for those with home businesses that coordinate regular deliveries.”

However, Fletcher outlined three key barriers for consumers when it comes to entering the smart home security category.

“Firstly, budgets can be a contributing factor for many. There’s still a perception that even an entry-level security system can cost thousands when in reality, an entry-level Ring Video Doorbell costs just $150,” he said.

“There’s also installation to consider. Running hard-wired power supplies and complex installations feels overwhelming for many people. That’s why we work to make installation as easy as possible with simple instructions, an app-driven user interface, and all of the hardware required.

“Installing home security equipment can be more difficult for renters or those that live within a strata-managed property. While restrictions will differ from property to property, it’s now easy to set up a home security system with no-drill video doorbell mounts and battery-powered products removing the need for hard-wired connections, and plug-and-play indoor cameras with built-in stands.”