In the third announcement in just one week, Rick Hart has confirmed that the new Rick Hart & Co retail concept will be accompanied by a clearance centre, Checkout Factory Direct, with an extensive range of scratched or dented kitchen appliances, as well as superseded or runout models.

Scheduled to open in March, Checkout Factory Direct will be located alongside Rick Hart & Co on Guthrie Street in Osborne Park, next door to the location where the original Rick Hart seconds store started as Not The Full Quid in 1995 and then became Rick Hart Seconds from 2003 across five locations in Perth.

“Our buyers will ensure that the best of products are always available for customers, particularly focusing on builders, renovators and the DIY market. The end game is to ensure that consumers have a choice when investing in appliances, in the most innovative and modern showroom available,” Hart said.

To support day-to-day management of Checkout Factory Direct and future business development, Mitesh Shah has been appointed as general manager – retail.

He brings 15 years of experience in the electrical appliance industry, having previously worked in the Rick Hart business, and more recently at Harvey Norman and Winning Appliances.

“Mitesh has very strong supplier relations as well as tremendous sales ability, product knowledge and negotiation skills making him the perfect fit for the Checkout business which requires these skills,” Kirby told Appliance Retailer.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Rick Hart will return to Retravision as an associate member and unidentified store, 40 years after first joining and 20 years after leaving the group to join Narta as a standalone member.