Condari, the manufacturers of the high-end brands Qasair and Condor Rangehoods, has launched a new brand of rangehood which it predicts will ‘revolutionise’ the category thanks to plasma technology that purifies air without needing to be vented to the outside of a building.

Rangecraft Rangehoods clean the air via a ventilation system that uses a plasma technology to convert odour molecules into odourless water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The technology originates from the space industry and was adapted for use in the elimination of odours in restaurant and food processing industries.

Condari have tailored this technology to recirculating rangehoods for the Australian domestic market, which are manufactured in the company’s factory in Melbourne.

The plasma unit removes cooking odours from a room
The plasma unit removes cooking odours from a room

John Keating, director of Condari envisages, “Rangecraft Rangehoods will revolutionise the recirculating rangehood market in Australia, allowing residents to enjoy the benefits of clean air inside their homes without the need for an externally ducted rangehood.”

“Plasma technology is derived from the space industry where the need for clean air is imperative.  We see wide and growing applications for the Rangecraft Rangehoods where ducting a rangehood is unfeasible.”

Venting to the outside atmosphere may not be suitable for heritage buildings, apartments or kitchens in the centre of the house. “A rangehood with a plasma unit in it will clear the air of all the by-products of cooking so all of those offensive odours are removed from the atmosphere,” Condari states.

A Rangecraft Rangehood installed 

The Rangecraft Rangehoods come with a plasma unit that needs to be installed either in the cupboard directly above the rangehood’s motorbox or if there is insufficient room above, ducted to another space up to several metres away. Organic odour molecules captured by the rangehood undergo a cold combustion process in the plasma unit and are converted into oxygen, carbon dioxide and water.

Rangecraft Rangehoods are suitable for installation over all standard electric, gas and induction hotplates from 60- to 120-0centimetres wide. They do not have the capacity to do the job over indoor barbecues, high speed gas burners or hotplates with a heat output rating over 40 mega joule.

All Rangecraft Rangehoods come with a 3 year manufacturers’ warranty which is extended to a total of 5 years when an Approved Installer installs the rangehood.