Gil and Shelley Elliott and their team at G and S Agencies in Queensland are currently celebrating 35 years as a sales agent in the appliance and consumer electronics industry.

Not content to rest on the success they have forged with brands such as Sharp, De’Longhi and, most recently, Homedics and House of Marley, Gil has launched a new website and is energising his staff to prepare for the next 35 years.

“From a humble beginning with only me and my wife — G and S in the company name — and working with Sharp based in Central Queensland, G and S Agencies has grown from a sole operator to a nationwide service with more than 14 staff and many sub-agents covering every state in Australia, all of New Zealand and parts of Oceania, with total sales in the tens of millions of dollars,” Gil Elliott said.

“We are proud to represent some of the largest names in the consumer electronics, including brands such as Sharp with whom we’ve had a relationship since the beginning, and brands such as Delonghi and Kenwood who we have been involved with for over 14 years, and many other leading brands.

“Over time we have carefully and sustainably expanded our brands, products areas and services to now also include warehousing and sourcing and supplying products for our retail partners.”

Elliott said one of main advantages for a manufacturer to choose an agency distribution model, such as his company, was that it is a wholly commissioned based system, which means the sales staff are motivated to sell into retail stores and then to revisit and maintain a relationship to help with sell through.

“We have always looked at the role we play in the process of getting a brand and its products into the market and sold out from the retailers business, but there’s always more that can be done.

“What we are finding is that in times such as now, manufacturers are looking for a results-driven team both for sales and for the distribution of their products. We can offer that service at a competitive price and with an efficiency that is hard to replicate with salaried staff.”

Elliott furnished Appliance Retailer with this delightful walk down memory lane…