By Patrick Avenell

After a decade of service at Logitech Australia, director George Saad will leave the employ of the Swiss electronics company on 5 October 2011. understands he will be joining a non-competing company in the local industry.

A spokesperson confirmed this change with the following statement:

"Management and personnel changes are not uncommon in big organizations. After a successful career at Logitech, George Saad has made a decision to take on a new challenge and we wish him all the best in his new adventure.”

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Saad has been one of the most refreshingly plain-spoken executives in the broader electronics industry, with his time at Logitech marked by rapid expansion and general success.

Formerly a salesman at Harvey Norman, Saad recently made the big decision to take Logitech online.

On the recently opening of a Logitech online store, Saad said: “We are committed to giving our customers choice and convenience when it comes to purchasing Logitech products. We’ve had feedback from customers that they want the option to buy directly from Logitech, so the opening of the Logitech Australia online store is very much a customer-driven initiative.”