The Photo Marketing Association International (PMA) has announced that it will hold its next annual PMA Australia Imaging Technology Show at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th June 2009. The popular DIMA Emerging Technology Conference will be held on Thursday 25th June, the day preceding the exhibition opening.

This will be the third annual show for PMA and the first one it has held in Sydney since PMA entered into its collaborative management arrangement with the Photo Imaging Council. The Director for Australian Activities will be Peter Rose, while John Bourne, a well-known industry figure, will manage the exhibition and conference side of the event. Long term Australian show director Paul Curtis has retired, but has been retained as a consultant by the new show management team.

Commented Peter Rose, “Our first two shows set successive record shows for the Australian industry. The 2007 Melbourne show broke new ground with the introduction of retailer buying offices while in Brisbane this year we introduced a new registration system to involve individual retailers and their customers directly with the exhibition.

“For our 2009 event we will be again looking at new ways to stimulate the imaging market and ensure a maximum attendance by all retailers, professionals and consumers. Our educational conference sessions benefit both retailers and suppliers alike, and plans are under way to help develop new markets for all attendees,” Peter Rose said.

The PMA’s Emerging Technology and Print Technology Conferences will be heavily promoted as show organisers look to strengthen the growing relationships with the graphic artist, advertising and wide format print community.

Professional programs will also feature an AIPP conference programs and the judging of the AIPP Professional Photography of the Year Awards.

For exhibitors wanting more than 108 square metres of exhibition space, bookings are now open. Show manager John Bourne can be contacted on (02) 9454 2444 or by email to