UnderCurrent is just like every other fictional character in the world right now: it cannot wait for the launch tonight of the new Samsung Galaxy S4! Lisa Simpson might complain that it's just a new hat, but UnderCurrent knows best: this is greatest technological development since Apollo 11.

Like a child on the night before Christmas, which was the most important annual event prior to the launch of the original Samsung Galaxy S, UnderCurrent has been forced to occupy its time this last week as the slow seconds tick painfully towards this evening – painful like a bite to arm by masticating striker Luis Suarez.

Thanks Ford for Cygnett! In advance of the Galaxy S4, the Melbourne-based digital accessories brand has unveiled a very strong and eclectic range of cases. Unlike actual swans, which only come in black and white, Cygnett cases come in a multitude of designs and styles.

This variety is called 'Feel' (CY1169CXFRO, RRP $24.95).

This design with animistic tones is called 'Icon' (CY1179CXICO, RRP $29.95).

Popular with Richmond, Hull City and Wests Tigers fans is the 'WorkMate' (CY1196CXWOR, RRP $34.95).

According to popular legened, all the swans in the United Kingdom are owned by Queen Elizabeth II.