By James Wells

SYDNEY: Electrolux has distanced itself from LG Electronics – its former original equipment manufacturing (OEM) partner who was prosecuted by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission last week over misrepresenting the energy efficiency of its products.

Electrolux air care marketing and sales manager, Scott Ostini, told that it will not be involved in the rebate to consumers.

“Electrolux is not involved… as no Electrolux, Kelvinator or Electrolux/Kelvinator branded products were incorrectly labelled,” Ostini told

“We independently test our OEM products and label according to [our] own internal standards,” Ostini said.

Ostini was unable to outline which products were re-badged from LG Electronics, over what period they were sold in Australia and through which retailers.

Ostini said that he did not believe that any re-badged products were similar to those that have been involved in the recall by LG.

Last week, LG Electronics agreed to make $3.1 million available in rebates for consumers who bought five air conditioners that did not comply with the energy efficiency values claimed on rating labels.

LG has since confirmed that tests conducted indicate cooling of affected models was less than described by the Energy Label rating, energy consumption was more than described on the Energy Label and that energy efficiency was lower than described on the Energy Label.

LG says that the customer rebates are a recognition of the fact that certain air conditioners may use more electricity to achieve the levels described on the Energy Label.

LG has agreed to use independent testing facilities in future to affix energy labels to air conditioners and will also enhance its trade practices compliance program.