By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Following last week’s launch of the Gaggenau zoneless and frameless induction hob, De Dietrich has followed suit with today’s launch of Le Piano – the first ever 90-centimetre zoneless induction cooktop.

Speaking about the product release was Belinda Toner, brand manager of De Dietrich. “It is exciting to be launching the world’s first 90cm zoneless induction cooktop,” said Toner. “Le Piano challenges existing technology and reaffirms De Dietrich as an industry leader in the kitchen appliance market.”

The unique cooktop design allows users to place pots and pans anywhere on the cook surface and take advantage of induction cooking, with three pre-set cooking modes: Solo, Expert and Piano.

Solo allows users to set the entire surface to a unified temperature in order to prepare multiple dishes at the same time on the same setting. The Expert function recognises separate pots and pans and remembers heating settings for each – when the pots are moved on the surface, their cooking settings will remain programmed.

The musically-monikered Piano cooking setting allows users to control three separate induction zones at different temperatures, allowing for some pots to boil, some to simmer, and some to keep warm all on the same surface.

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In addition, “Le Piano has a minimalist, streamlined look with linear, graphic design on the glass, as well as a stainless steel trim at the front and back of the cooktop.”

It also boasts an elapsed time function and delayed start function, as well as pan position identification and a full colour matrics screen for displaying information.

According to Toner, Le Piano is a standout for the De Dietrich brand.

“Le Piano is a product that consumers can truly aspire to, and I have no doubt that it will be the centrepiece of any kitchen,” she said. “We are proud to continue the De Dietrich legacy of innovation with the launch of this product, which sets a benchmark for the Australian market.

The ultra-minimalist Le Piano cooktop.


De Dietrich's Le Piano zoneless induction cooktop in action.