It appears UnderCurrent was wrong to mock the release of One Direction headphones in a post from 12/12/12. According to an update sent out by the local distributor, over 40,000 units of these officially licensed headphones have been sold, at $40 each, for revenues of $1.6 million. And that's before a single unit has arrived in Australia.

Unlike the original release, which contained five exclamation points in the subject alone, this one only has three in total:

"The Official One Direction Licenced Headphones will be landing at the docks this Sunday, which means we’ll have them in a around a week! We’ve already pre-sold around 40,000 units which just prove how much of a hot seller these will be!!"

Proper Journalist asked the local distributor, Conexus, to clarify the distribution:

"We already have JB Hi-Fi, Myer, David Jones, Harvey Norman, Bardot, airport shops, and various other independent retailers on board. The 40,000 figure is solely for Australia and we have enough to cover all the orders and quite a bit more as excess stock, plus we can get more as needed."