By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Choosing music, controlling the Blu-Ray player, turning up the sound – as any modern technophile knows, there’s an app for that. Tapping in to an ever-increasing market of smartphone and mobile device users, Yamaha has today announced the launch of a new AV Controller App for the Android platform.

The Android app follows on from the success of the previously-released Apple app which was available for download on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

As with the Apple-friendly version, the new Android application allows users to control media from various sources, including a computer, network storage device, FM/AM tuner, internet radio station or Yamaha Blu-Ray player. It also boasts play, pause, mute, forward and volume controls.

“The average family is now discovering how easy it is to access music stored remotely on a PC, Mac or network attached storage (NAS),” said a Yamaha spokesperson. “Playing music stored on the computer upstairs, for example, is now as simple as browsing the networked music library…selecting the song and pressing ‘play’.

“Now transforming Android devices into Wi-Fi enabled remote controls, the newly released version of the AV Controller app for Android demonstrates Yamaha’s commitment to network functionality in the new range of home theatre products,” the spokesperson added.

“As one of the key focal points of the new receiver and Blu-ray player line-up, Yamaha’s vision of networked entertainment in the home can now be shared by the wider audience.”

The application is available for free download from the Android Market, while the Apple version is available on the iTunes App Store.