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By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Philips has today launched a global advertising campaign to promote its male grooming products, with Australia the first to air new commercials. The advertisements began yesterday and will continue for 10 weeks across subscription and free-to-air television channels.

The “Express Yourself Every Day” campaign is aimed at offering men more grooming options than the traditional clean-shaven look, and is set to feature grooming advice and styling tips for men.

“Through the multi-faceted Express Yourself Every Day campaign we are sending out a rallying cry for men to open their eyes to the opportunities for self-expression in their daily lives,” said Peter Bosscher, senior manager, business development, personal care & domestic appliances for Philips Australia & New Zealand.

“We hope that our Philips Male Grooming range of products for hair, face and body will be tools that they can utilise to self-express with their personal appearance.”

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The campaign features “real men” who exercise self-expression through their grooming choices – whether they opt for the hair-free or hirsute look. Aside from the TVC, Philips is supporting the campaign with “a digital-engagement program and integrated media partnerships” all centred around the concept of self-expression.

“We’re really pleased that our local advertising partners have jumped on board with this campaign and together we have developed some unique and exciting ways to engage with Australian men,” said Bosscher.

“Philips wants to be the first brand to understand and support what is truly important in male grooming: opening men’s eyes to greater opportunities for expression in their everyday lives, especially their grooming routine.

“Philips is in a unique position to do so with the broadest range of grooming tools, including the SensoTouch 3D shaver, StubbleTrimmer Pro and BodyGroom Pro that provide limitless looks for hair, face and body.

“Breaking with the conventions of the past, Philips aims to breathe life into the once conservative male grooming category, which has sold men on the clean shaven look for the past 30 years.”