With multiple capabilities.

PowerVision has launched the world’s first multi-functional water drone, designed for photographers, water sports enthusiasts, fishing advocates and divers.

Equipped with a 220 degree dual-joint rotation camera, the PowerDolphin (RRP $1,299) can capture 4K Ultra HD footage. The camera can rotate 70 degrees above water and 150 degrees below the water, sending real-time 1080 pixel footage wirelessly to a smartphone through the Vision+ app, with a maximum transmission distance of 1000 metres. The drone includes adjustable front lights to capture illuminated photography in various water conditions.

PowerVision PowerDolphin

It can travel at a speed of five metres per second, faster than the Olympic record for the 100 metres freestyle.

PowerVisionfounder and CEO, Wally Zheng said, “The PowerDolphin is a new lifestyle robot that is not only suitable for Australia’s water sports, photography and fishing enthusiasts, but can also help to protect the country’s shorelines with rescue response. PowerDolphin provides a new perspective of life under the sea and can assist marine scientists with underwater mapping, as well as help to discover and document Australia’s varying marine life.”

PowerVision previously launched PowerRay (RRP $2,299), the world’s first underwater drone.With a 4K UHD camera and streamline design, it can capture video and photography of life under sea at a depth of 98 feet.