In the competitive world of consumer electronics retailing one strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition is with exclusively designed product lines. Unique and useful mobile accessories are an easy, low cost way to execute this strategy.

One company offering this service at the 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair is Retouch Limited, which makes female-focused battery chargers for smartphones and tablets.

The 2600 mAH chargers are shaped like lipsticks and the 4200 mAH battery charger looks like a powder compact which comes with a mirror in the lid, an essential handbag item.

The Hong Kong-based company also has a range of bright and colourful designer PowerBanks offering 10400mAH of capacity, enough to charge around 5-6 iPhones to full capacity, with three USB outputs and one micro USB output. When travelling a portable battery pack will make you the most popular traveller in any backpacker bar.

Interestingly for both retailers and suppliers, Retouch battery chargers can be customised with your own image or logo for an MOQ of 100 pieces. In the past the business has created specially-branded accessories for fashion retailer Forever New.

Retouch’s brother company is called Load Promotional Technology and it offers a more gender-neutral product line of custom charging accessories. For example buyers can customise a PowerPak, an all-in-one box set of chargers and power adapters including PowerBank, Car Charger, Universal AC Adaptor and Universal Cable (pictured top right below).

Load Battery chargers
Load battery chargers

Also among the Load product offering is the Moshon Emergency Dynamo PowerBank (pictured on the far right above) which is powered either by winding a crank or facing a solar panel to the light, for times when traditional power sources are out of reach.