Botvac 85 by Neato

Robot vacuum brand Neato has a new Australian distributor, with DKSH picking up the Botvac 85 after its distributor Peter McInnes became a subsidiary of KitchenAid.

Neato was distributed by Peter McInnes, however it had to find a new home to hoover when Peter McInnes was bought out by Whirlpool and became KitchenAid Australia. Peter McInnes’ other brand, Vitamix, established a new subsidiary to handle the Australian and New Zealand distribution of the premium blenders.

DKSH is a Swiss company, and in Australia its consumer goods division is known for distributing homewares and kitchenware. It was the connection through the Australian Gift and Homewares Association with Peter McInnes (which had strong ties with the big department stores) that enabled the change in distribution for Neato.

Currently, Neato Botvac 85 is available nationally from Myer and David Jones for RRP $999, however DKSH is eyeing a wider retail distribution.

Although this is DKSH’s first floorcare product the company has distributed electrical products in the past and says the differences between traditional giftware and electrical products are disappearing. So too are the differences between the distribution strategies, with electrical retailers stocking more homewares and products you’d likely find on a bridal registry.

DKSH is excited about its new product and not put off by the competition in the space from the likes of Miele, LG, Samsung and soon Dyson. Botvac 85 by Neato uses laser guided mapping and navigation to scan, plan and methodically vacuum room by room without bumping into things, falling down stairs or missing any edges. Programmable ‘boundary markers’ mean precious objects can be zoned off limits from the Botvac’s work area.

The appliance’s ‘true vacuum’ suction means it will clean dirt, grit, fluff and even pet hair from both hard surfaces and carpeted areas – its unique square profile means it will reach right into the very apex of corners.  It also monitors its own power usage and, once the battery is low, returns to base, recharges and then goes back to where it left off to finish its cleaning job.  It will clean for more than an hour on a single charge.