The new range of Philips Ambilight TVs are now available in Australia, leveraging Philips technology and intelligent LEDs implemented behind the edges of the screen to radiate colourful light from two, three or all four sides.

The light is automatically synchronised to the content on display, whether it’s sports, movies, music or gaming, to deliver a more interactive and immersive experience. 

By choosing Follow Video, viewers can extend the experience and in Music mode, Ambilight brings playlists to life with dynamic lightshows. 

Ambilight Follow Light mode enables viewers to change the lights for movies or change the colour of the lights in a room to change the mood. With an optional Ambilight+hue kit each Hue bulb wirelessly links with the Ambilight TV technology. 

Utilising the Ambisleep feature, viewers can turn off the screen while leaving the Ambilight to stimulate a fading sunset with their preferred choice duration, brightness and colour palette, accompanied by a range of relaxing nature sounds.  

The additional Sunrise Alarm element reverses this process, with the Ambilight gradually ramping up an artificial sunrise at the chosen alarm time. The calming visuals can be accompanied by a selection of music at the preferred volume level, and a screen transition showing the weather forecast for the day ahead.  

Philips 8265 series, 7906 series, OLED805 series are available through Harvey Norman online and in store, with more Ambilight models coming to Australia soon.