By Claire Reilly

European wellbeing brand Beurer, distributed in Australia by FitZone Solutions, has released a range of new scales for the kitchen. Four new models have been launched, and this new range is “versatile, fresh and combines multiple uses around the home or office” according to FitZone Solutions’ director, Maria Russo.

The range includes two digital kitchen scales designed for cooking – the jug shaped 3-in-1 Measure-Weigh-Store Digital Kitchen Scale (KS41) and the Digital Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl (KS53).

The 3-in-1 measures up to 5 kilograms of solids or 2.5 litres of liquids and features a jug section that slides off the measuring base for storage in the fridge or washing in the dishwasher. Similar to the 3-in-1, the Digital Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl has a large capacity bowl that can be used to measure, mix and hold ingredients, before sliding off the base for storage and cleaning.

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The Multi Use XL Scale (KS59) is a flat platform scale with a glass surface that can be used to measure up to 20 kilograms.

“This scale recognises that there is a need to measure more than just food in the home. This unit will accurately weigh parcels also and includes a memory function to display the last measured value if the display window is covered.

“Slide it into a drawer or amongst the cookbooks for easy storage and have reliable weight measurements at your fingertips.”

The final model in the range is the KS36 Precision Scale which is designed for use with ultra-fine ingredients such as powders and spices, or even jewellery. It measures to within 0.1 grams for accuracy and includes a 200 gram calibration weight to ensure reliable measurements.

The KS36 Precision Scale.

The KS41 3-in-1 Measure-Weigh-Store Digital Kitchen Scale.