In his presentation, Bing Lee and Bing Lee Premium Brands general manager, Peter Harris thanked Lionel for supporting him, Sam [Zalin] and the entire Bing Lee team to create a new brand a new experience, describing Signature Appliances as the jewel in the crown of the Bing Lee Premium Brands division.

“I am excited to welcome you here. It has been a long journey with some different concepts, but I am sure you will agree that what we landed on to go to market – which will be the first of several Signature Appliances stores – is a great experience and a great showroom,” he told attendees.

“We wanted to create a location experience that was homely, welcoming and inspiring and personally I feel like we have achieved that. I want to thank our designer, Sophie, head of the Premium Brands division, Leo and Sam who have put in a lot of work. Thank you to our manager Alexis and her team. I may be biased – but I believe we have the best people in our industry and I know Alexis and her team will look after everyone in this room and any consumer like they are a friend or a part of our family.

You can build the best experience and the best showroom, but if you don’t have the people who are going to deliver that experience, you don’t have a business – so thank you.

“I want to thank the magnificent Bing Lee team members who helped get this beautiful showroom open. I would like to thank the suppliers who are here tonight and those that couldn’t make it – thank you for your trust and confidence – we will not let you down.

“To the designers, architects, builders and developers in the room, please make this your second home and please bring your customers here. This is just the beginning for Signature Appliances – I believe everyone here is part of something very special.

“As mentioned before, we expect this to be one of several showrooms and will be a lasting legacy of Bing Lee which has been in business for over 66 years. My wish is that Signature remains part of the retail landscape for another 66 years.”