Parallels has launched an upgrade of its software that allows users to run Windows applications on a Mac, with a focus on improving performance, ease-of-use and compatibility with latest operating systems.

Twelve months on from the launch of Parallels Desktop 9, the upgrade Parallels 10 for Mac was announced today with improved performance features such as launching Office applications up to 50 per cent faster, 30 per cent better battery life and, the virtual machines use up to 10 per cent less Mac memory.

“Millions of Parallels Desktop for Mac customers have come to expect ingenuity, ease of use and speed from Parallels and they will not be disappointed with Parallels Desktop 10,” said Parallels president Jack Zubarev.

“With Parallels Desktop 10 customers can enjoy new levels of productivity without having to worry about whether the app they need is available on a specific operating system — Parallels creates a world of compatibility at home, work and on the road.”

For a seamless integration between the Mac world and the Windows world, Parallels Desktop 10 has built-in intelligence and support for Apple’s latest operating systems – including OS X Yosemite. This means the update will allow many of the announced features of Yosemite to be used on Windows and Windows applications, for example supporting iCloud Drive and Photo Library, right-click on a number to call with iPhone, iMessages and SMS text sharing from Windows, and control of virtual machines from Spotlight preview and Finder QuickLook.

From one computer, users can choose between their preferred operating systems including OS X Yosemite, OS X Mavericks, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8, Windows 7, Chrome OS, Android and a number of Linux operating systems.

An easy set up has been another area Parallels have sought to improve. Users are prompted to select what they will primarily be using the machine for — productivity, games, design or development— which will optimise their virtual machine.

Like its predecessor, the software provides retailers with an upsell opportunity alongside Mac hardware for consumers who need to run their apps across any device.

From today current users can upgrade to Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac online for $54.95. New customers can purchase the software at retail, online stores and via the Parallels website starting 27 August in Australia for $89.95. A Student Edition will also be available for $54.95.

Parallels Desktop 10 will be sold at Apple Retail Stores, Apple Online and Education stores, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and other computer stores.

Parallels Desktop 10