Panasonic is introducing the Lumix G100 digital single lens mirrorless camera with improved production values designed for vloggers and online video content creators.

Available from late July at photography specialists and consumer electronics retailers, it is the first interchangeable lens camera to offer OZO Audio incorporating three microphones that track and capture sound, removing the need for an external microphone.

There are five modes including tracking, surround, front, back and auto. Tracking mode is an industry first which works in conjunction with Panasonic’s face recognition technology to adjust the microphones according to the location of the presenter or subject. The Surround mode records audio in all directors for a 360-degree sound experience.

Front mode captures sound in front of the camera while suppressing noise behind the lens, ideal for interviews or recording live performances, while Back mode allows the camera operator to directly narrate the scene they are shooting. Auto mode automatically switches between tracking and surround modes to eliminate the need to edit audio post-production.

New features available on the G100 include content sharing via smartphone, Lumix Video Selfie functionality via free-angle monitor and Frame Maker with a range of aspect ratios, which are accompanied by 4K video, quick and slow video modes, and V-Log L recording pre-installed for wider dynamic range for colour grading.

Content can be shared using Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy connection and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and images can be geotagged with a smartphone as the remote control. A dedicated button on the G100 allows vloggers to quickly transfer images and videos to their smartphone for editing and sharing to social media.

Lumix Video Selfie mode is activated when the 3-inch 1840k-dot touch monitor is flipped out to face the user and is ideal for high and low-angle shots. Frame Maker checks composition during recording and supports a wide range of aspect ratios (16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 4:5, 5:4 and 9:16).

The G100 has a 20.3MP MOS sensor without a low pass filter for sharp images with low noise. The sensor is much larger than that of a smartphone for more shallow depth of field, enhanced image quality and allows low-light shooting at up to ISO 25600.

Panasonic product marketing manager for imaging, James Choi said the G100 camera offers an all-in-one audio solution unique in its class.

“It has two significant benefits that make it easier to create engaging vlogs. First, it can capture sound based on where you are in relation to the camera and second, OZO Audio works together with the camera’s autofocus system to track and follow the sounds of the subject in focus when it is in front of the camera.”

The Lumix DC-G100GN-K Body will retail for $1,099 with the DC-G100KGN-K Kit retailing for $1,299 and DC-G100VGN-K Kit with lens and tripod grip for $1,399.