Panasonic is launching a new rice cooker that promises to deliver perfectly cooked rice every time.

The Panasonic Induction Heat Rice Cooker (SR-HL151KST) is equipped with a food grade stainless steel steam basket which separates the starch in the rice to reduce starch content. As the rice heats up during cooking, heat is evenly distributed and conducted through an induction process. The starch is then separated from the rice by intense steam.

Three-way induction capabilities and precise temperature control through inverter technology and fuzzy logic, allow heat to surround the inner pan, cooking each grain of rice evenly. This helps to release the fragrance and aromas of each grain for soft and fluffy rice each time.

With 11 menu settings, home cooks can select a variety of options such as white rice, brown rice, porridge, steam, reheat, cake and more. All preset menus are adjustable to tailor to everyone’s taste. There is a 24-hour preset timer function, so that rice can begin cooking at a certain time and is ready by the time everyone arrives home. The rice is kept warm in the rice cooker for up to five hours after cooking.

The durable inner pan and binchō-tan charcoal coating layer have high abrasion resistance, while an upper touch control panel and LED panel make it simple to use.

“Our goal has always been to make things easier for people who love a good meal and want to simplify things in the kitchen. Our new rice cooker makes more than just rice – but if rice is what you are after, it can also make a fragrant and tasty serving each time,” Panasonic product marketing manager of small appliances and personal care, Chasnyn Ousmand said.

“We are more conscious than ever that people are keeping a closer eye on their wellbeing, so we have made sure that our new rice cooker offers nourishing daily cooking.”

The Panasonic 1.5L Induction Heat Rice Cooker (SR-HL151KST) is available via select retailers for RRP $499.