Panasonic Australia has launched a new brand campaign highlighting the company’s products for key moments in everyday life.

The campaign underlines product quality, durability and longevity under the banner of Panasonic’s global positioning of ‘Create Today, Enrich Tomorrow’.

The new campaign, which runs on BVOD, digital and social media, features Panasonic microwaves, air conditioning, personal care and LUMIX cameras. Created alongside creative agency, Cocogun and production company, Majella, it was directed by Gabrielle Pearson.

Panasonic group manager for home appliances and marketing communications, Charissa Sano said, “It’s exciting to be in market with a campaign that highlights the breadth of the Panasonic range and reminds consumers of the key roles our products have played in their lives over the years.”

Panasonic marketing communications manager of home appliances, Emma Laing added, “From keeping cool to looking great, cooking up a storm and listening to your favourite playlist, Panasonic products have been there for Australians for over 60 years. This campaign brings that to life in a refreshingly relatable way.”

Cocogun co-founder and creative partner, Ant Melder said, “It’s been a privilege working with the Panasonic team on this important and special project to demonstrate the key supporting role that the brand plays, in a fun, dynamic and contemporary way.”