Panasonic is strengthening its shaver range with the launch of the ES-LV6U and ES-LV9U – its most sophisticated and powerful shavers yet, combining precision, flexibility and comfort.

The ES-LV6U and ES-LV9U shavers integrate five advanced Japanese blades including highly durable inner blades that are nano-sharpened at an angle of 30 degrees, delivering an efficient, gentle and long-lasting shave.

The ES-LV6U and ES-LV9U models are equipped with the unique 20D flexible shaver head that can move in up to 20 directions. The head follows the contours of the face and neckline, reducing the number of strokes required, minimising skin irritation and promoting longer lasting smoothness.

Both shavers use the world’s strongest magnets to deliver 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute and an ultra-fast 14,000 cuts per minute (CPM) linear motor provides a close and clean shave every time.

Panasonic Australia product marketing manager for personal care and small appliances, Chasnyn Ousmand said, “In recent years we have observed a resurgence in beard-growing culture, and a subsequent rise in demand for personal grooming products that are easy to use and effective in delivering professional results

“We know Australians are on the lookout for the latest gadgets that deliver unrivalled shaving power, precision and comfort. We are thrilled to expand our offering with the ES-LV6U and ES-LV9U shavers to meet this demand, offering flexibility and sophistication in the comfort of the home.”

The ES-LV6U and ES-LV9U shavers are available from selected retailers for RRP $699 and $799 respectively in a matte black finish. The ES-LV9U comes with an auto cleaning and charging station.

Panasonic is also launching two new three-in-one beard trimmers: the ER-GB62 and ER-GB86. Designed for consumers who want to model and shape their beards with precision, both models feature a wide-pitch blade system, high-torque motor and multiple trimming settings. The ER-GB86 boasts 39 adjustable cutting length settings and clip on comb attachments for a sharper trim. 

The ER-GB62 and ER-GB86 beard trimmers are available from selected retailers for RRP $169 and $199 respectively.