Panasonic has launched a new creative campaign to introduce its Prime+ Edition Refrigerator range to the Australian market.

Created by independent agency Cocogun, the campaign highlights the innovative designs and technology of the Prime+ Edition range including class-leading freezer space, soft freeze functionality to keep food fresher for longer, a 15-minute Quick Cooling function to quickly chill drinks, and nanoe technology that kills up to 99.99% of bacteria.

Based around the theme ‘Recommended by Food’, the campaign is anchored in the idea that if food (and drink) items could choose a fridge to be stored in, they’d choose the Panasonic Prime+ Edition. Through a wide range of media channels, various food and drink ambassadors including Brock_Coli, Phil.Ett, Scoop.Dogg, Wag_Yu, L.Ettis and Hot-Chick explain why they love the fridge.

Panasonic marketing communications manager, Olga Link said, “The Panasonic Prime+ Edition fridge range is packed with cutting edge, user-friendly technology. We want to make the features easy to understand and fun to get to know, so using our heroes to share their opinions was a suitably fresh and engaging way to get the message across.”

Cocogun co-founder and managing director, Chiquita King added, “We’ve had fun creating these food characters who all sing the praises of the Panasonic Prime+ Edition fridge range in an insightful, irreverent way that helps drive home the key benefits.”

The ‘Recommended by Food’ campaign will run across BVOD, socials, search, and display as well as in-store executions with key consumer electronics retailers.

Learn more about Panasonic’s Prime refrigerators here: