Panasonic has unveiled its expanded premium performance shaver range with the launch of the ES-LS9A – the brand’s first six-blade shaver, delivering a clean and close shave.

The ES-LS9A Shaver integrates six advanced Japanese blades designed for all beard types. The blades are constructed with surgical-grade stainless steel to ensure they maintain their sharpness while minimising skin irritation and redness.

The two new thick stubble blades coated with titanium, two finish blades, and two lift blades, are designed to cut more hair in a single pass. The tapered blade tips increase the height of the beard capture area to ensure that long and flat-lying hairs are handled with ease. The ES-LS9A’s inner blades are nano-sharpened to a 30-degree angle, allowing cuts to be made as close to the root as possible.

The ES-LS9A builds on the success of its predecessors, featuring a 22D flexible shaver head with a new floating blade mechanism that seamlessly follows the contours of the face and neck. The mechanism moves the six blades in 22 independent directions – both vertically and horizontally – so each stroke covers a greater area and cuts quickly and cleanly.

The shaver also integrates an ultra-fast linear motor with advanced mag-lev technology, delivering 84,000 cross-cutting actions per minute to help cut through all facial hair thicknesses. It guarantees no loss of motor speed, even for thick beards and when battery charge is low.

Responsive beard sensor technology precisely detects facial hair thickness and density at a rate of 220 times per second, allowing the ES-LS9A to boost power where beard growth is heavier, reducing the amount of pressure placed on the skin.

Available in a smart matte black finish, the ES-LS9A also comes with an auto cleaning and charging station to thoroughly clean and sterilise the shaver after every use. The dock automatically removes any beard clippings or sebum caught within the shaver while charging the unit simultaneously.

Panasonic has also released the ES-LT2B and ES-LT4B Shavers, both featuring 39,000 cross-cutting actions per minute to power through thick beard growth and minimise skin irritation. Three independently moving blades precisely follow facial contours and provide a gentler shave. The ES-LT4B also has a 2D head with directional (left and right) movement to reduce the number of strokes needed for a close shave.

The ES-LT2B is available in matte black or white, and the ES-LT4B in red or blue colour options. 

The ES-LS9A (RRP $899), ES-LT4B-A841 in Blue (RRP $379) and ES-LT2B Shavers (RRP $329) are available exclusively at Shaver Shop stores. The ES-LT4B-R841 in Red (RRP $379) is available from Shaver Shop and all participating consumer electronics retailers.