By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Nilfisk has released its latest range of vacuum cleaners, targeted at busy families and inspired by automobile design.

Designed by the BMW Group company Designworks USA, the Nilfisk Bravo series boasts a decidedly vehicular pedigree and has “many traits in common with modern car design” according to a Nilfisk spokesperson.

“From the soft back wheels to the ergonomic carrying handle, the extra large dust bag and the powerful motor everything is carefully constructed to meet the needs of a busy modern family,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s no secret that many women have hopes of getting the man of the house to voluntarily take the family vacuum for a spin round the house. By making a vacuum that takes on many traits from modern car design, the design team behind the new Nilfisk Bravo have taken the hopeful thinking a big step down the way. Not least, because the Bravo offers a lot more than looks.”

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The range includes four vacuums in Spitfire Red, Blue Surf, Silver and Gold Dust, each with a different feature set to suit different needs. All models feature 2000 watts of suction power to pick up more from floors and an extra large 4.2-litre dust bag that needs changing less often.

All the vacuums also feature a pre filter and HEPA filter to help clear the air as well as variable speed control and an added blow function for dusting off hard to reach places.

The red Bravo and blue Bravo Special models are available for RRP $209. In addition to the standard offerings, the silver Bravo Parquet adds a hard floor nozzle to the mix for RRP $219, while the gold Bravo Pet Pack features a Turbo Nozzle designed to pick up pet hair and dander, and is available for RRP $269.

The Bravo Pet Pack vacuum.