Trend Micro Incorporated ((TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704)), a global leader in Internet security solutions, has announced a family of security tools designed to protect all aspects of consumers’ digital lives. Cybercrime is increasingly pervasive and malicious, with intricate threats attacking information wherever it resides. Trend Micro Titanium V5 is designed to empower consumers against all malicious threats, no matter how they are delivered, where they try to hide, or what connected device is in use. Building upon award-winning protection first introduced in 2010, Titanium V5 provides complete, overall protection against increasingly sophisticated threats to the digital lifestyle, protecting everything from family photographs to family finances;  online shopping to Facebooking;  mobile computing to game-playing – no matter whether the preferred device is a laptop, a smart phone,  a tablet or a fully-loaded gaming PC.  

Titanium V5 is powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure, providing consumers with robust threat protection.  Smart Protection Network technology has been ranked number one in protection by three independent labs across 10 individual tests since September 2009.  Because it provides a cloud-based solution, Titanium V5 utilises less than half the disk space and memory of other security products while providing up-to –the-minute protection and proactively stops threats before they reach the consumer, all with a user-friendly, “set-and-forget” user interface.
New security enhancements include a tool that eliminates programs posing as antivirus software (Fake AV), proactive botnet and PE Virus protection, protection against malware packer technology, and a tool that visually identifies safe and malicious links on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Additionally, the Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security box includes a taste of two other of Trend Micro’s latest products; Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition and Trend Micro SafeSync online file and folder synchronisation and backup service.  

Titanium V5 also includes enhancements to Titanium’s Parental Controls, Behavioural Monitoring, and Rootkit detection and removal. In a recent test conducted by, Titanium V5 showed a 60% improvement in detecting and removing Rootkits, a difficult to detect, subversive form of malware. A fun “skin” feature also offers consumers the opportunity to completely customise the look of their digital life protection.

Titanium V5 is available in three packages, each designed to meet specific needs of families and individuals.

Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition:
Protect your Android device from loss, malicious apps, and web threats with Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition. A trusted security leader for 20+ years, Trend Micro blocks five billion threats daily for over 100 million customers worldwide.
Mobile Security Personal Edition installs easily on your Android smartphone or tablet, protecting it and your personal data. It features:

  • An App Scanner – Blocks infected apps from installing and stealing your personal information
  • Surf, Call, Text Security – Protects from online threats like banking scams, stops unwanted calls and text messages, and blocks inappropriate websites to protect your children
  • Lost Device Protection – From a personal online portal, you can locate a lost device, trigger an alarm, remotely lock it, or even wipe the device clean to protect your personal information

The Titanium V5 family is available for purchase at the Trend Micro online store, through retail partners across Australia and New Zealand, and at numerous retail locations online. 

Trend Micro Smart Surfing for PC                            AUD /NZ $59.95
Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security                   AUD /NZ $99.95
Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security               AUD/NZ $129.95
Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition      AUD/NZ $49.99 (2 years)

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