Analysis by Patrick Avenell

The two Korean electronics powerhouses, Samsung and LG, are both using their American websites to direct browsers to online stores selling their products. Although neither has indicated any intention to introduce this feature to Australia, the idea presents an interesting case study in how to transition browsers to sales without selling directly.

In the last few months, leading brands such as Canon Australia and Logitech Australia have commenced selling directly for a variety of reasons. Previous to this, Sony Australia and Pioneer Australia had opened online stores.

The desire to offer the full range of products to consumers and the need to compete with offshore online sites are regularly provided as reasons for manufacturers to sell directly.

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What Samsung and LG are doing is much more retailer-friendly. Both manufacturers know that consumers that are committed to purchasing online will not be persuaded from doing their mission, so making it as is easy as possible for consumers to purchase through authorised online sites is a good way of banking a sale without alienating their traditional retail partners.

When asked if Samsung Australia had any plans to introduce this in Australia, a spokesperson said there was no information currently available. We are awaiting a response from LG to a similar enquiry.

Check out the below screen grabs of the US websites, and image the retailers listed as Betta or The Good Guys or Appliances Online, then tell us your thoughts on this in the comment field below.

Image captured from Samsung's US website.

Image captured from LG's US website.