By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: The 13-inch Samsung Series 9 notebook (RRP $2,499) boasts some impressive dimensions: it weighs 1.31 kilograms, measures 16.3 millimeters thick and packs 128GB solid state drive (SSD) of storage on an Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of memory. It is available through Harvey Norman exclusively until June, from when it will be available to retailers nationwide.

Next on Friday’s new product line up list is the Mitsubishi’s RRP $10,000 HC9000D 3D projector. The panel uses SXRD technology to present 240 frames per second that is split in half for each eye to reproduce 3D motion and features full HD resolution.

“This is our finest home theatre projector to date,” said Matthew Hanna, division manager of Mitsubishi Electric Australia’s visual information systems group. “Thanks to the technology we’ve used in the HC9000D, it not only provides excellent 3D movie support but also delivers superb images from regular Blu-Ray and DVD sources as well as high-definition TV broadcasts.”

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Meawhile, GE today released the 14 megapixel PJ1 (RRP $449) pocket-sized camera with a built-in pico projector able to beam photos and video up to 70 inches in size. The compact camera delivers a 300:1 contrast ratio, a projector-wide 16:9 aspect ratio and 15 lumens of star power, which according to the company makes it the “brightest”. The PJ1 measures 21.1 millimetres thick, records in 720p HD and has a 7x wide angle zoom.