It’s the most federated weekend in Australia! The first weekend in October sees various states switch over to daylight savings, other states stand still for a rugby league match and different states again clocking off on Monday for a public holiday.

All in all, New South Wales is the epicentre of this festival — Fleet Week is also stopping traffic on land and sea — while some states will barely notice a thing.

On Sunday morning at 2am, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory will leap forward one hour to begin six months of daylight savings.

Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory do not have daylight savings. Here is an overview of how Australia’s several time zones will look after the change:

Zero Time: New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory
30 minutes behind: South Australia
1 hour behind: Queensland
1.5 hours behind: Northern Territory
3 hours behind: Western Australia

At the fantastically unique time of 7:15pm on Sunday 6 October 2013, the Eastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club (the Sydney Roosters) will take on the Manly-Warringah District Rugby League Football Club (the Sea-Eagles) in the NRL Grand Final.

The Chooks are chasing its 13th rugby league premiership and its first since 2002 while the Silvertails are going for its ninth crown.

It is a big night for Manly’s two technology industry sponsors, Kaspersky and Soniq, and one wonders how many fans in Russia and wherever Soniq is from will be on the edge of their seats during this encounter.

Channel Nine and affiliates are showing the match in glorious SD in all regions (use the above guide to work out what time that is in your region) while its HD sister channel GEM is simultaneously showing You’ve Got Mail and Gone With The Wind, despite one of those films predating HD technology by almost 70 years.

The first High Definition replay of the match is at 9:30pm (New South Wales time) on Fox Sports 1 (Foxtel Channel 501).

And the last piece of this complicated puzzle is the Labour Day public holiday, which is celebrated on Monday 7 October 2013 in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory. Businesses conducting interstate commerce should make a note of this as these states will be closed for business until Tuesday morning.

Patrick’s Tips:

Sydney Roosters by 7 points
First Try Scorer: Aidan Guerra
Clive Churchill Medal: Jake Friend