Olimpia Splendid has introduced a range of new portable air conditioning units for the 20/21 summer season. There are four models exclusive to The Good Guys and two models exclusive to Betta Home Living.

The models available at The Good Guys include the Silent 10 P, Air Pro 13 P Wi-Fi, Air Pro 14 P Wi-Fi, and Protocol 16 E.

The Silent 10 P is a 2.4kW portable air conditioner designed for smaller rooms. It features five modes including cooling, eco, dehumidification, fan and turbo, touch display, remote control, 12-hour timer and night mode for RRP $999.

The Air Pro 13 P Wi-Fi (featured image) has an output of 2.93kW designed for mid-sized rooms. It has the same features as the Silent 10 P with the addition of integrated Wi-Fi for the unit to be controlled from a smartphone for RRP $1,199.

The Air Pro 14 P Wi-Fi has an output of 3.4kW designed for medium to larger sized rooms. It comes with the same features as the Air Pro 13 for RRP $1,399.

The above models incorporate Olimpia Splendid’s unique Blue Air technology for powerful air flow up to four metres high and three metres wide to deliver rapid cooling and sustained optimal temperature throughout the entire space.

The top of the range Protocol 16 E (pictured below) is one of the most powerful portable air conditioning units on the market with an output of 4.7kW for larger rooms. The temperature display on the front of the unit makes it easy to read from across the room. Other key features include three modes: cooling, dehumidification and fan, full function remote control and 24-hour timer for RRP $1,499.

“We are pleased to launch new portable air conditioning models available at The Good Guys with models ranging from 2.4kW to 4.7kW to ensure comfort for virtually any room size,” Olimpia Splendid marketing and product development manager, Peter Burnham told Appliance Retailer.

“We are also introducing Wi-Fi to select models to enable full control from a smartphone. All models come with a three-year replacement warranty showing our commitment to the highest level of product quality and after sales service.”

The models available at Betta Home Living include the Comfort 12 P and Comfort 14 E.

The Comfort 12 P (pictured below) is a 3.5kW portable air conditioner for mid-sized rooms. It features cooling and dehumidification modes, dual motors, air flow adjustment, touch display and digital control panel. It also has a full function remote control and 24-hour timer for RRP $999.

The Comfort 14 E has the same features at the Comfort 12 P with an output of 4.1kW for larger rooms for RRP $1,099.

“We are also excited to launch the Comfort Range which will be available in Betta Home Living stores from the end of October. The two models include a comprehensive touch panel and full function remote control, making them easy to operate. In addition, each model is equipped with a front panel display to easily see the set temperature from anywhere in the room. Both models come with a three-year replacement warranty,” Burnham said.