By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Audio accessory brand Sennheiser has released three new products to bolster its headphone offering, targeted at gamers and Xbox users. The new additions include the PC320 headphones for PC gaming, as well as the X2 and the X320 headphones for Xbox use.  

Developed in conjunction with the World Champion Counterstrike professional gaming team mTw, the PC 320 headphones have been designed with a cupped shape to offer clearer sound, according to Sennheiser Communications product manager Christian Ern.

“It’s natural human behavior to move our hands up to our ears when we need to hear better,” said Ern. “Therefore the ear cup is a natural location for the most vital sound controls.”

“Its innovative design ensures that air flows through the headset to the ears, while allowing built-up heat to escape. As a result, the PC 320 can be worn with ease and comfort for hours of intense gaming.”

The headphones also feature a boom microphone which mutes when lifted to a vertical position and offers noise cancelling technology for clarity whilst gaming.

Sennheiser will release the PC320 headphones in Q4 for RRP $139.95.

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For gamers who like to step away from the PC and into the world of Xbox, Sennheiser has created the entry-level X2 headphones and the high-end X320 headphones.

The first Sennheiser headphones to be developed for Xbox use, both models use technology developed through the company’s PC headset series, and are designed to offer sound and voice clarity when playing on the Xbox Live network.

At 54 grams, the Lightweight X2 headphones feature a muting button and a noise cancelling microphone that ensures only the gamers voice is transmitted, without excess background noise.

The top-of-the-line X320 headset features amplified stereo sound, dual volume control for adjusting game sounds and the volume of other players’ voices, bass boost, and automatic microphone mute that is activated when the microphone boom is raised, without the need for buttons.

The Sennheiser X 2 (RRP $39.95) and the X 320 (RRP $179.95) will be available from August 2011.

The entry-level X2 headphones from Sennheiser.


All your headset are belong to us: the high-end X320 headset.