By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Foxtel has got more 3D content on the way, with the nation’s premier subscription TV broadcaster announcing it has secured the rights to Tron: Legacy 3D, the sequel to the groundbreaking 1980s cult film.

What’s more, Foxtel will be showing Tron 3D at the same time that this film is released on Blu-ray and DVD, meaning home viewers will not have wait as they normally do.

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Costing $7 for a 48-hour content rental, Foxtel iQHD subscribers with a 3D TV will able to access Tron: Legacy 3D via the On Demand service from Wednesday 20 April 2011. The film will also be available in 2D on the same day.

Foxtel has been leading the 3D content charge in 2011, having broadcasted the Winter X Games, the Sony Open PGA tournament and Despicable Me 3D, amongst other programs, since the start of the year.