By Claire Reilly

Optus, in conjunction with Fetch TV, has today launched its new IPTV service, appropriately titled Optus MeTV with Fetch. The serves is set to provide Optus fixed line and mobile customers a combination PVR, digital tuner, movie streaming device and media centre for the base cost of $9.95 per month.

Speaking at the launch of the new device, which is set to be available to Optus consumers “at the back end of this week”, the director of Optus digital media, Austin R. Bryan said MeTV “redefines conventional TV viewing, bringing choice and control to all consumers”.

“There has been an explosive growth in the popularity of connected devices over the past few years, and there’s a huge demand for content,” said Bryan. “Optus MeTV with Fetch lets you record, pause and rewind live TV and watch it at a time that’s convenient.

“Optus MeTV is introducing an ultra-modern interface that gives you a 21st-century customer experience, providing users with a rich and expansive experience that has been developed with consumers in mind and with consumers involved.”

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As a PVR, Optus MeTV offers 1 terabyte of storage space with the ability to record live TV and whole series with the “series tag” function. As a “Movie Box” it offers 30 free preselected films for users to stream, with 7 new films added each week. It also offers games and apps, including social media, weather and news apps, as well as a dedicated YouTube interface designed for television viewing.

In addition to the $9.95 monthly cost (which is cut back to $0 when MeTV is bundled with the $109 Optus Fusion Plan), there are additional on-demand movies that are available for download, varying in price from $3.95 to $6.95 per rental.

Optus is also offering “on-demand TV subscription packs” which grant monthly access to bundled selections of television programs. There are 3 bundles to choose from – kids, documentaries and music – each available for $6.95 per month, and each offering roughly 20 to 25 series of 4 to 5 episodes.

Following the launch of MeTV, Optus has plans for more content to become available (with up to 1000 films set to be available for streaming by the new year) as well as an app for devices such as the iPhone and iPad which will offer the ability to control the user interface, without the included remote control.

Optus' manager of TV and Video, Chris Williamson, demonstrates the new MeTV user interface.