By Patrick Avenell

TomTom has released four new models to its range of in-car GPS devices. Called the Go Live range, these new GPS units all contain TomTom’s HD Traffic feature.

HD Traffic is the fourth step in TomTom’s overall in-car navigation platform, which each step providing a different dimension to the driving experience, according to TomTom Asia Pacific vice president Chris Kearney.

The first step is the Base Map, which is developed by TomTom itself. This is then supplemented by the second step, Map Share, in which TomTom partners with a local map supplier – in Australia’s case, Sensis – to provide a comprehensive roadmap for the country in question.

The third step is IQ Routes, in which the device uses knowledge of the roads to plan the fastest route. For example, if there are two roads connecting the driver to their destination, IQ Routes can work out whether the longer road in kilometres is actually faster, based on traffic lights, historical congestion and other on-road obstacles.

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HD Traffic is the final piece in this platform. This is a live update system developed by TomTom and used internationally that pushes information to the device every two minutes. Kearney said that HD Traffic combines live traffic flow data accumulated by TomTom continuously to assist users in finding the fastest route between two locations.

Importantly, HD Traffic is not just a major city-based feature, like the much-hyped Suna Traffic Service. Kearney promised Australia-wide coverage for HD Traffic, including both metro and regional areas, highways, and main and secondary roads.

To make sure that the maps in the GPS device match the maps TomTom is using for HD Traffic, TomTom offers quarterly map updates.

The four new models in the Go Live range are the 820 (4.3-inch screen, RRP $299), the 825 (5-inch screen, RRP $349), the 2050 (5-inch ‘fluid’ touchscreen, RRP $399) and the 2050 World (5-inch ‘fluid’ touchscreen, RRP $499).

The Go Live 2050 World comes preloaded with maps for 49 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and countries in Europe.

The new TomTom Go Live 2050 World comes with HD Traffic and maps for 49 countries.