Officeworks has been recognised for its commitment to its people and the planet at the Banksia Foundation’s National Banksia Sustainability Awards, winning the Large Business Transformation Award category.

The Award recognises Officeworks’ actions including reducing carbon emissions and waste generation across its entire supply chain, promoting and supporting equal opportunities, and accelerating its own business and the broader retail industry toward net zero and a more circular economy.

Officeworks launched its Positive Difference Plan in 2015 as its first integrated long-term ESG strategy, drawing in its sustainability initiatives to set measurable goals and focus on the areas where it could make a difference.

In 2020, Officeworks launched its current People and Planet Positive 2025 plan, highlighting 18 commitments with a framework informed by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), of which nine directly address climate change and work towards a circular economy.

Significant progress is being made on all of these commitments, which include using 100% renewable energy by 2025, becoming a zero-waste business, ensuring all packaging is reusable or recyclable and ensuring zero deforestation in the supply chain.

Since 2015, Officeworks has reduced the environmental impact of its operations including reducing carbon emissions by 32%, diverting 1,474 tonnes of unwanted products from landfill, recycling 91% of its operational waste and launching its Greener Choices range to help customers shop more sustainably.

“Our team, customers and partners look to us to lead and inspire positive change. The achievements we saw through our first long-term sustainability strategy changed the way we operate as a business and now we’re integrating sustainability into all of our decision-making,” Officeworks head of ESG and corporate affairs, Ryan Swenson said.

“Our People and Planet Positive commitments include supporting our team members to live their best life, enhancing our contribution to the community, continuing to uphold and respect human rights, taking meaningful climate action, contributing to a more circular economy and helping our customers shop more sustainably.

“We also have a responsibility to educate others, to advocate and communicate about what’s possible in this space. Through our investment in Circonomy, a recycling and remanufacturing business, we are expanding on our approach to waste and emissions, and really influencing change right throughout the supply chain. It’s our ambition to demonstrate to other retailers and businesses what is possible.

“We’re thrilled to be recognised by the Banksia Foundation and share this honour with our team, partners and our communities.”

Pictured: Officeworks head of ESG and corporate affairs, Ryan Swenson accepting the award at the Banksia Foundation’s National Banksia Sustainability Awards evening.