Officeworks has leveraged Rimini Connect for Browsers, part of the Rimini Connect suite of integration and interoperability solutions, to maintain stability of its core functions in the wake of the retirement of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).

Rimini Street is a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products, and a Salesforce partner.

Officeworks relies on its SAP CRM and ERP solutions for everything from customer support to online orders and more. Through collaboration and partnership with Rimini Street, Officeworks has been able to extend the lifecycle and maximise returns on its core SAP solutions. 

Officeworks avoided a costly upgrade to its core SAP ERP system and continued along its own, custom IT roadmap, ensuring a more versatile functionality than what was available to system users who relied on IE11 for business-critical customer support and CRM functionality.

In 2021, Microsoft announced that it would retire IE11. Officeworks’ SAP system was only certified to be accessed through IE11, which meant the retailer needed an alternative browser to effectively continue using its core CRM system or risk the potential of having its call centre and online customer support unable to assist customers once IE11 retired.

Rimini Street group vice president and regional general manager for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, Daniel Benad said, “Many organisations in Australia and around the world face the same issue when critical functionality is affected by changes of various technologies or hardware.

“Officeworks worked closely with Rimini Street to ensure the business was not affected by the retirement of a technology that its key CRM and customer support teams required. In doing so, the company was able to stay on track with its strategic, innovative projects that benefit its customers while avoiding costly SAP upgrades.”

Officeworks chief operating officer, Michael Howard added: “With Rimini Street, Officeworks is protected against current and future browser compatibility challenges and able to achieve the same functionality it needed to experience, but through other browsers such as Chrome or Edge. Now we can rest assured knowing our internal team members are no longer impacted in their ability to serve our valued customers due to browser related obstacles.”